Recently, the market for bio-medical devices welcomed the introduction of new laboratory equipment that is cheap and quite small. Through the DNA LAB project, Biodiversa intends to introduce Molecular Diagnostics into routine dentistry by developing and making innovative products available in an outpatient setting (point-of-care, POC).

The term Molecular Diagnostics refers to the analysis of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) contained in the cells and body fluids of the patient in order to assess the presence of pathogens (viruses and bacteria) or mutations in the DNA sequence. Over the past decade, the clinical practice of many infectious or genetically based diseases has relied more and more on molecular diagnostic approaches. The knowledge and technologies for nucleic acid analysis available today allow the physician to not only diagnose the disease early on and follow its progression, but also to assess the patient’s susceptibility to the disease and predict his individual response to treatment. In general, this type of markers is characterised by a very high specificity and sensitivity for the diagnostic targets towards which they are directed.