Biodiversa  provides Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics services since it was founded in 2014 by a group of partners, professors of the University of Verona and Bologna with a passion for scientific research, coming from different disciplines: medicine, genetics, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics. And this is precisely is our strength, convinced as we are that you can only overcome great challenges with an interdisciplinary approach. Biodiversa has managed hundreds of clinical research and basic research projects, processing tens of thousands of samples and supporting the work of italian and international researchers who have published hundreds of scientific research papers in the most prestigious scientific journals in the world.

DNA analysis

The history of DNA sequencing began in 1977 with F. Sanger’s publication on the method for determining the order of nucleotides in DNA. Since that time, most applications have been based on changes and evolutions of Sanger’s algorithm. In the past ten years, however, the next-generation sequencing technologies (NGS) have made it possible to obtain short sequences with a high yield, supplanting in a short time the earlier ones. Thanks to parallel advances in various disciplines, from chemistry to bioinformatics, it is now possible to run DNA sequencing within a reasonable time and at proportionally low costs. The infrastructural costs required to run sequencers, though, and the conditions of their application still remain a strong limitation to their widespread use.